Given the amount of code I write, I do not have too much time to take tests, given I am continuous coding. I can provide enough demos to show, but if really needed, I can do it on like weekends, after relaxing so I do no create more errors. :)

I have been practicing imaging applications and coding since I was small. I really like beautiful animation and structured programming.

Since about 2000, I have been using object-oriented and functional programming. By about 2001, I have been building diagrams and models. I like architect, Microsoft and alike tools.

Usually, I engineer web based systems but I deal with other applications as well. I like server, client, desktop, mobile, database and component methods. I architect simple solutions that are independent of operating system, language and framework.

What I like to do: analysis, architecture, test, build, continuous integration, code style, code review, documentation, deployment, code coverage, tasks, developer support, development operations and development.