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About me
  • Nota bene: Simple put, what does programming mean? Passion
  • You could find me on GitHub and you may check out my micro-services on Corifeus. I learn / create new languages, frameworks and systems.
  • 2016 - I am a full-stack / frontend specialist / devops programmer.
  • 2010 - 2015 I got a bigger client GoSignMeUp. I had no other projects.
  • 2005 - 2010 I worked for Epam and Microsoft in Hungary. I moved back from Los Angeles to Hungary. I was a contractor as well.
  • 1999 - 2005 I lived in Los Angeles and I worked on web and desktop projects as a contractor. I usually used PHP / Java / .NET, but a few others as well.
  • 1998 At the university, I started to play with HTML creating web sites.
  • 1996 The big time, the internet works in Hungary, Balassagyarmat.
  • 1992 I started to program with a PC, about when Doom came out. I liked it a lot. Firstly, I created an Amoeba game, and later an Othello in Pascal, my games were intelligent and played with me. My best fantastic program was a 3D modeller and wrote 3D demo scene code.
  • 1988 I got an Amiga 500 from my father. I was 11 years old, I used BASIC and started to learn Assembly with on a Motorola 68000 CPU. I used a quite of many graphical applications and demo scene code.
  • 1986 I received a Commodore Plus/4 computer from my mother. I started to check out Assembly, but I was just hacking and cracking, I did not really know what I was doing. I usually played with BASIC and I read programming books.
  • 1984 With a good friend of mine, we started to program together on a Sinclair ZX81 using BASIC.
  • 1978 I was born on the 8th of December in Balassagyarmat.